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Carbon POD 70W HID Spread Beam Pair Pack Light System - KC #96423


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<b><u>FEATURES</u></b><br> -70W HID Bulbs and Ballasts<br> -DuPont Zytel Carbon Fiber Housing<br> -Adjustable Rally Ring<br> -Spread Beam Pattern<br><br> <b><u>LIGHT PERFORMANCE(PER LIGHT)</u></b><br> -Raw Lumens: 7,000 lm<br> -Lux @ 10 meters: 5,300 lx<br> -Candela: 530,000 cd<br> -Beam Distance(meters): 1,406m<br><br> <b><u>SPECIFICATIONS(PER LIGHT)</u></b><br> -Wattage: 70W<br> -Bulb: Philips Xenon D1S HID<br> -Amp Draw: 5.83A<br> -Voltage: 12V<br> -IP Rating: IP68<br> -Product Dimensions: W - 7.4" x H - 8.43" x D - 6.63"<br><br> <b><u>Parts Included in Pair Pack system</u></b><br> -(2) 70W 7" Carbon POD HID Lights<br> -Wiring Harness w/2-Pin weather proof connectors and LED Light Switch<br> -Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware<br><br> <b><u>PERFORMANCE HID AND PRECISION OPTICS</u></b><br> 7" Carbon PODs deliver 4,620 lx @10m with a Spread Beam distance of 1,359 meters. Solid state HID ballasts and HID bulbs with KC precision reflectors, provide one of the most usable, farthest reaching lights ever.<br><br> <b><u>AVAILABLE BEAM PATTERN AND ADVANTAGES</u></b><br> Spread Beam -Provides a balanced wider beam of light that increases peripheral visibility, as well improved forward facing light for an increased range of visibility.<br><br> <b><u>ADJUSTABLE RALLY RING FOR ACCURACY AND PRECISION</u></b><br> Carbon PODs use an adjustable Rally Ring system to provide easy and precise light adjustment for specific lighting needs. Initially designed for off road race teams, KC Rally Rings deliver the most accurate light pattern possible.<br><br> <b><u>BAJA 1000 TESTED DURABILITY</u></b><br> Constructed from an injection molded composite DuPont Zytel housing with a secure mounting base and stainless steel mounting hardware, ensuring Carbon PODs are always securely fastened.

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  • GTIN: 00084709964238


  • Quantity of Each: 1
  • Package UOM: EA
  • Dimension: 21.0 x 12.5 x 10 inches